#CKLife: Happy Birthday Granddad 7.13.18

Happy Friday! Today is my granddad’s birthday, I love him so much and I am so blessed and grateful to have in my life. Ever since my father passed away-which is his son, we have definitely had a much deeper bond and connection-we take care of each other. Remember to always cherish your loved ones.

#cklife: happy birthday granddad 7.13.18

A Grandfather Like You

Throughout the years you’ve always been a wonderful man, you see. When I was small you took the time to bounce me on your knee.

As I grew older you were there I only had to call. I knew that I could count on you, you’d never let me fall.

So many hard times in my life, you’ve helped to get me through, I’m so glad God’s given me a grandfather just like you.

Happy Birthday Granddad!

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