#CKLife: Happy Birthday Great Grandad May 14, 2018

Happy Monday! I’m starting of this week remembering my Great Grandad who passed away in 2005 when I was a freshman in college. My Great Grandad is my father’s Grandad, honestly May is quite a sad month for me as I remember my Great Grandad and my dad’s birthday. I have some peace knowing they are together. I just miss them both so much. Please send positive thoughts and vibes my way I would greatly appreciate it.

#cklife: happy birthday great grandad May 14, 2018

In Memory of a Special Great Grandad

Here’s really hoping that wherever you are today it feels just like you’re taking a delightful holiday. And that there is some wonderful and cozy place you’ve found where you and all your angel friends can meet together.

These words may seem light-hearted, Great Grandad but a smile helps ease the pain. So don’t forget to save a chair for the day we meet again!

Happy Birthday Great Grandad!

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