#CKLife: Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Happy Friday! Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13 and I am truly blessed to have my mom in my life. She is the best mom a girl could ask for, she’s amazing, so supportive and caring. My mom always been by my side throughout my life and I am truly grateful because unfortunately I know there is a lot of people who no longer have their mom here or they do not have a good relationship. A good mom is truly a blessing from God. Me and my twin sister are going to take our mom to a Paint & Sip Event, we celebrate our mom each and everyday but we want to make Mother’s Day extra special. How are you celebrating your mom?

#cklife: happy mother’s day 2018

You taught me the right from the wrong. You sat up with me through the nights, so long on the days when I was sick and bad. Today I just want to tell you who understands, I love you so much.

Happy Mother’s Day to you!


*Photo Source: Create Her Stock

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