When To Put Your Phone Down

Happy Monday! As you probably could tell I’ve been trying to infuse more lifestyle post on my blog-I mean there is so much more to life than beauty and style. If you are like me then sometimes you may find yourself a little addicted to your phone. I never really noticed how much time I spent on my phone until I started this Bible plan called #struggles and it is so awesome sometimes as a influencer and content creator I can get caught up on social media for hours you know checking numbers and it can be quite obsessive if you are not careful. This year I’m dedicated to living my best life and I’m learning when to put my phone down and if you need a little help to get started then keep on reading for all the deets.

when to put your phone down

You’re Feeling Down: Research suggests that the amount of time you spend on your phone correlates with the frequency and severity of negative thoughts you’re ultimately trying to suppress.

You Are Having Aches And Pains: In the past few years it is proof enough that keeping your phone in your hand 24/7 does have real physical consequences. It might even be blurring your vision too.

You Feel Lonely: Smartphone dependency and feelings of loneliness go hand in hand. And those isolating sensations don’t always wait to manifest until you’re by yourself because even with friends everyone is staring at a handheld screen rather than interacting with one another.

You Don’t Remember How To Relax: Turning your phone off will undoubtedly create some initial anxiety, but you’ll be better off for it.

Not Sleeping Enough: It goes without saying that sleeping with your smartphone wreaks havoc on your sleep quality. If you’re dependent on your phone, it’s also highly likely that you’re also sleep deprived. So turn it off and go to bed.

Be sure to enjoy your life and put your phone down.

Do you feel lost without your phone? Let me know in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “When To Put Your Phone Down

  1. This is the truth! Really enjoyed this piece. A reminder that life exists outside of the virtual world/social media environment.

  2. Great post! I totally agree with all of these reasons. Lately I’ve been finding more reasons to put my phone down, too. As a blogger it can be tough sometimes because we are so used to documenting everything through photos and tweets, but it has been giving me great peace of mind. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes I agree as a blogger it can be tough at times but putting my phone down has been very peaceful and has had a positive effect on my life. Thanks for checking out my blog ❤

  4. All of this! All good reminders to let go of the phone and be more present

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