6 Ways To Look Stylish And Fashionable In Causal Wear

The sweet thing about casual clothes is the freedom that you enjoy with them. As opposed to formal wear, like wearing a suit, gown or a jumpsuit, the freedom that you enjoy when pairing casual outfits is a refreshing feeling. Here are a few ways for you to look charming and more stylish in casual wear, keep reading for all the deets.

6 ways to look stylish and fashionable in causal wear

Let’s get more layers!
You might not know this, but the more layers you have, the lesser the chances of one of them having a “make or break” effect on your outfit. Feel free to go crazy with layers; you can wear a coat on a jacket on a mesh shirt and a crop top. Add a belt to the mix. As for your bottom wear, put on leggings under the short skirt.

Congratulations, you’re a swanky onion.

The only thing you need to be careful here is the comfort. If it’s hot or you’re just generally uncomfortable, then the layers might be a tad too much.

Add a motorcycle jacket

Every outfit will look good with a motorcycle jacket. Regardless of whether it is jeans and a T-shirt, a short gown, or even clothes that you wear to the gym, motorcycle jackets are always a welcome addition to any ensemble. Black is always the default color, but it is definitely not a must. Feel free to pick colors, embellishments, prints, etc. The world is your oyster.

Which leads us to…

Leave your jacket on your shoulders

Sometimes it is better for you not to think of your jacket as just an ordinary jacket. Rather, think of it as Superman’s cape only with sleeves. Never put your arms into the sleeves, so just try the jacket over your shoulder and see where the look takes you.

Wear the wrong shoes

To follow this rule, all you have to do is simple; choose the opposite of what you’d normally wear as footwear. If you want to opt for Adidas ksa sneakers, pull out the heels. Trade your high heels for flats, and strap on your former Adidas sneakers instead of your sandal shoes. The more wrong it looks, the more perfect it is for you.

Embrace contrast and proportions

You can pair a crop top with a ball skirt, or cut-off ripped shorts with an oversized shirt. Play with contrasts and proportions; big and small, tight and loose, light and heavy, hard and soft.

Pull out the hat!

Fashion is all about making a statement. You want to create a definite look, and hats are definitely the best way to go about that. While they can have that costume look, that look is exactly the point. The only thing you need to be careful of is fascinators. People hardly look good in those, to be honest.

How do you rock your causal wear? Let me know in the comments.

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