What to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Lasers are some of the most versatile cosmetic tools in the industry. One potential use they have is removing hair from your body that you do not want. You might be wondering why you can’t just shave or wax unwanted hair on your own at home. The answer is that you obviously can, but the task can be tedious. Laser treatment can often get rid of hairs for a much longer period with far less fuss. Here’s what else you need to know about laser hair removal. Keep reading for all the deets.

what to know about laser hair removal

How Quickly the Hair is Removed
The most important thing to know about laser hair removal is arguably how quickly the hair will be removed. Don’t schedule a laser appointment if you want your body hair to disappear during the appointment. You will be sorely disappointed. Lasers only weaken hair follicles and shafts. Eventually, the weakened hairs will fall out, but the process takes time. It may even take multiple laser treatments before you see any hairs fall out. However, once the follicles are weakened the hairs will take a lot longer to regrow than they would after more traditional methods.

How Laser Treatments Feel
Another thing you need to know before having laser hair removal performed on your body is how laser treatments feel. One of the reasons there are so many types of laser hair removal machines for sale  in the skincare industry today is that laser treatments are much more pleasant to endure than several other treatments for unwanted hair. Electrolysis, for example, can be quite painful. The same is true for waxing. Laser treatments, while somewhat uncomfortable at times, are often considered to be far easier to endure. They often only cause a warming sensation on the skin and a slight feeling like a mild static electricity shock.

Where Hairs Can be Located
The general rule of laser hair removal is that the hairs you want removed can be located anywhere other than protruding from orifices, such as your nose or your ears. In general, one of the reasons lasers are so popular for hair removal is that they can be used on almost all surface areas of the body. However, everyone’s skin is different. Your clinician will be able to tell you if any parts of your body may not respond well to the laser procedure for specific reasons, such as abnormal skin sensitivity or oiliness.

Why Lasers Work Better Than Most Other Hair Removal Options
There are two main reasons why lasers work better than most other hair removal options. First, lasers provide consistent hair removal. They can target individual hairs, leaving none behind. Second, laser light can reach even the lowest skin layers, directly damaging the roots of each hair targeted. Many other hair removal methods, especially shaving, focus primarily on the portions of hairs which are visible to the naked eye only. That level of thoroughness is the reason why hairs removed with lasers often take much longer to grow back than hairs removed by other means.

Why Hair Removed with Lasers Doesn’t Disappear Forever
Before you undergo laser hair removal you need to understand that it will not permanently rid you of every strand of unwanted hair. The reason hair removed with lasers doesn’t always disappear forever is that, as mentioned earlier, lasers primarily weaken hair follicles. It takes a lot to destroy a hair follicle. After many treatments you may notice that certain hairs do not grow back, but for the most part you should just expect extended regrowth time compared to other hair removal methods.

What are your thoughts on laser hair removal? Let me know in the comments.

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