Athletic-Wear Series: Outfit #1

Happy Style Friday! Lately I’ve been styling outfits based on a series or theme, first I created my mauve series and now I’m working on an athletic-wear series and this is my first outfit. I love being cute and stylish but my clothes and shoes must be comfortable especially during the fall and winter season. I just love cozy clothes. For this first look I’m wearing black leggings that say confident down the leg and I paired a long sleeve crop top that says show off. To complete my look I’m wearing my favorite shoes my black slides. I hope this inspires you and keep reading for all the deets.

athletic-wear series: outfit #1

Outfit Deets: Leggings-H&M| Crop Top-Forever 21 | Slides-Amazon

Thoughts on today’s outfit? Let me know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Athletic-Wear Series: Outfit #1

  1. Show off??? No way! I disagree with your shirt. You don’t seem conceited or stuck up to me. You’re just a bad chick! You can’t help it if you’re gorgeous lol

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