4 Bold Ways To Shape Your Brows

Happy Beauty Wednesday! Today’s post is all about beauty, brows to be exact. Eyebrows frame your face and really can help or hurt your eye makeup. I take my brows very seriously, I mean my eye makeup can’t be on point and my brows looking a hot ass mess, that just don’t even go together. If you are trying to get your brows right for the summer time then please keep on reading because I’m sharing four bold ways to shape your eyebrows.

4 bold ways to shape your brows

Over the years Benefit Cosmetics has become the go to brand for all of your brow needs that will keep your brows on fleek. Benefit has so many products to choose from including Brow Bars which are located in a host of cities across the country, these service stations provide a variety of treatment to get your brows on point.

From brow mapping and waxing to tinting and lash application, I mean they literally have everything. In fact the experience has become so popular that the brand is completely revamping its signature service ad expanding to 47 countries around the world. The new and improved Benefit Brow styles, debuting this spring will combine service and product styling.

If you want to you know how to shape your brows then just click on the link below. Global Brow Expert, Jared Bailey shares his pro tips for 4 distinct shapes: feathered, bold and angular, natural and straight. Enjoy!



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