Style Guide: Bomber Jackets For Fall

The Bomber Jacket is NOT a new or breakthrough style-it has been around forever. Although most recently you’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebrities rocking bomber jackets with chic dresses or distressed jeans. There are so many cool ways to style a bomber jacket but before I dish on that let’s back up for a second and let’s discuss exactly what is a bomber jacket.

style guide: bomber jackets for fall

Bomber Jacket-A short jacket similar to a flight jacket, but with a thick lining typically of sheepskin.

Now that we know exactly what it is here are some great ways to style your bomber jacket for the fall…

1. PLAY IT COOL-Go causal with an army green bomber and destroyed denim. For a pop of color, tie a scarf around your neck.

2. SIZE UP-Add drama with and oversized version draped over colorful separates.

3. ADD FANCY EXTRAS-Luxe pairings, like a black croc pant, can really elevate a simple bomber jacket.

4. TREAT IT LIKE A NEUTRAL-Anchor loud graphics and bold hues with a neutral army green layer.

5. MAKE A STATEMENT-Pack a punch with a citrusy hue-it’s a nice alternative to the usual green.

6. STRIKE A BALANCE-Give a posh dress some street cred with tough add-ons. Push the jacket’s sleeves all the way up to earn you cool girl points.

Now that you ladies have some ideas on how to slay your bomber jackets this fall here are my favorites

How do you style your bomber jackets for the fall? Let me know in the comments.

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