Autumn Fashion Trends

Regardless of the season there’s a trend, right? Of course, and with Autumn/Fall it’s no different. These are some of the Autumn fashion trends you are likely to see on runways, on high streets or on credit catalogue sites. For those who love to be in the know and love to look their best, consider some of these additions to your closet in the coming weeks and months.

autumn fashion trends

The Colour: 
With Fall comes the changes in leaves and weather, so too is the change in fun summer shades, to lighter, somber tones. Orange, yellows, and darker hues are in during these months. From a light jacket, to a full on parka or winter coat, consider darker shades of orange, reds, and yellows for your closet during this season of the year.

The length:
You’re also going to want to swap out pencil skirts and minis for those long slacks, jeans, and designer denim. You can still look flashy and look your best, but you do have to account for the cooler temperatures which are sure to be near approaching as well.

Furs and velvet:
Yes, they are very popular choices during this season as well. Due to colder temperatures, velvet, thicker fabrics, furs, are all in. You can find top designer names, top styles, and a variety of new collections from top designer brands which are sure to already have hit the shelves at malls and shops.

Renaissance is in. Flowing dresses, gowns, velvet, and heavier fabrics are all in style this year as well. Puffers, tinsel, and embellished, are all terms you are going to want to look for during these months. From clothing to accessories, these are some of the styles and looks which are in, and are sure to stand out when you go out wearing or carrying around these items during the coming months.

What are your favorite autumn fashion trends? Let me know in the comments.

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