Wedding Dress Designers: How To Choose Factories

For wedding dress designers, it is not easy to find a suitable factory because there is so much to consider from price to quality and much more. For those that are unaware China has the world’s largest processing factories, as well as a variety of wedding dress factories. If you want to produce the goods that you design for the least amount of money then it is a good idea to find a reliable wedding dress factory from China.

wedding dress designers: how to choose factories

Different from retailers and wholesalers, designers should consider these questions when choosing a factory to work with.

  1. Design Copyright: Chinese counterfeit products are becoming infamous around the world. For instance if your design is stolen and sold by a factory this will gravely affect you and your designs. This is why many designers prefer to work with local factories at a much higher cost and do not even consider Chinese factories.
  2. Production Capacity: To find wedding dress factories in China, there are two cities you should visit, Guangzhou and Suzhou. In recent years, Suzhou’s wedding dress factories have become China’s largest wedding dress production base due to lower prices and the unique one piece custom-made services. Because there are many factories in Suzhou with different strengths and weaknesses in comparison to Guangzhou, it is imperative to visit the factory you wish to work with if possible and if not then the next best thing is to try a single trial order.
  3. Production Cycle: Most small factory production processes are chaotic and cannot guarantee a stable product production cycle while some larger factories often have a large backlog of orders, so they cannot guarantee finished orders on time. So when you consider working with Chinese manufacturers, you need to make sure they can deliver and send out orders on time.

If you do not want to spend too much time choosing a factory then you may want to consider Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co,. LTD (the most representative wedding dress factory in Suzhou.) Although their products are a little more expensive than others, they also produce better quality products. Jusere is one of the few factories who have their own designers and have the largest showroom in Suzhou.

Here is more interesting information about Jusere:

  1. Sign confidentiality agreements with designers to ensure the designs are not copied. Jusere will also sign confidentiality agreements with related designers. Also factories do not allow workers to use smart phones to take photos or other possible acts to disclose product information.
  2. Jusere was established in 2002 and has more than 10 years of experience in the wedding industry. Enjoy a company with a high reputation in the industry, Jusere also has its own design team as well as excellent pattern makers, sewing beads and embroidery workers who will ensure better quality of production.
  3. Help designers to better promote their designs. Jusere independently developed systems that can be effective in helping designers to promote their designed wedding dresses and get more recognition. After many years of operating and the accumulation of customers, Jusere has worked with many retailers and rental companies who come from more than 20 different countries.

If you want your design to get more recognition, then Jusere customer system which is coming soon will help you, this means you will have more opportunities to sell your designs.

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