Beauty Talk: How To Maintain Your Brows

We have all heard that saying, “your eyes are the windows to your soul, and your eyebrows are the window treatments.” This statement is so true and today there are so many different brow trends going around in the beauty world and everyone wants their brows on FLEEK! Personally if my brows are not done then I don’t even bother to wear makeup-I mean what is the point. Eyebrows frame your face and really compliments your makeup. To me they go hand-in-hand so in order for me to have a beat face my brows MUST be on point. But how are you supposed to maintain your eyebrows is the question of the day so keep on reading to learn how to maintain your brows.

beauty talk: how to maintain your brows


Your brow hair just like any other hair on your body grows in a cycle. Typically there will be between four to eight weeks before hair begins to grow back in full force. It is recommended that everyone has a brow appointment once per cycle, so typically every five weeks in order to effectively clean up the brows and their shape.


The best way to prevent redness and irritation is to make sure you’re going to a brow place that uses oils or another product before and after the service that helps soothe the skin. Once you’re home, applying aloe to your brow area will also help calm skin.


The more you tweeze between appointments the more you’re taking that cycle of hair growth and disrupting it and you won’t get a clean wax at your next appointment.


Managing your shape without tweezing is the ideal way to keep your brows looking their best without ruining your brow artist work, and involves two steps: hide and enhance. The first step is hiding any overgrowth but it’s not as simple as just dabbing on a concealer over it and calling it a day.


Picking the right products to use between appointments is essential in brow upkeep so that the final look is natural. For salvaging brows after a severely botched waxing job, use a brow kit that contains a wax and a powder to help you create a shape that isn’t really there. If you have unruly brows a gel will tame them and you can use it to redirect hair growth to fake a more uniformed shape.


A quick trim might sound easy enough, but to sum it up it’s best to leave any cutting to the pros. If you trim your brows too short you can get holes and you can’t really trim them again or comb them over.

How do you maintain your eyebrows? Let me know in the comments.

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