3 Easy Ways To Master Strobing

Okay so I’m pretty sure by now you guys all have heard the makeup term ‘strobing‘ a.k.a. highlighting. But what exactly is strobing? The technique known as strobing is basically using a lot of different highlighters to create a more dewy, glowing and youthful look and who doesn’t want that? If you are new to this strobing life then keep on reading because I’m dishing on how to master strobing like a pro!

3 easy ways to master strobing

Step #1.

Start with a cream base highlight this will give you a nice sheer glow. Apply the highlighter anywhere the light hits your face. For example, your brow bone, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. But let me keep it real, it’s your face so add highlighter wherever you want to.

Step #2.

Apply your second layer of highlight to the same areas where you applied the cream based highlighter to set that cream highlighter and to add some intense shimmer to your face.

Step #3.

Use your most shimmery highlighter with a soft blending brush on your cheekbones, because that is where you want your highlighter to be the strongest. If you, like apply your shimmery highlight to the tip of your nose and use your finger to allow the product to blend in with your skin.

Strobing is just highlighting to the extreme which I love because I live for a good highlight. Now that we are fully into spring and summer is just a couple of months away this is a great beauty trend to try for a nice dewy and glowing look.

Remember what Rihanna said, shine bright like a diamond!

Are you a fan of strobing? Let me know in the comments.

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