Beauty Inspiration: How To Rock Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks is a trend that I honestly love because if done right it looks so fierce. Applying a matte lipstick can be a little tricky so if you are interested in learning how to rock liquid matte lipsticks then keep on reading because I’m sharing some beauty tips on how to master the art of applying and wearing a matte lip color.

beauty inspiration: how to rock liquid matte lipsticks


Matte lipsticks tend to emphasize all the flaws on your lips so it is very important to prepare your lips and make them smooth and soft. Exfoliating your lips is a must to get rid of peeling skin, this will help your lipstick glide on easily and beautifully.


In order to keep your matte lipstick looking fresh, be sure to moisturize your lips before applying your lipstick. Matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips creating an unflattering caked on effect.


If you want to get the true shade of your matte lipstick apply a lip primer or concealer all over your lips prior to applying your lip color. Whether you decide to go for a bright red, flashy pink, or a nude matte lip, priming and concealing them in advance will give you gorgeous results.


Apply a lip liner all over your lips before applying your matte lipstick. Using a lip liner will help you get a neat and clean result. Find a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick and line your lips with it, filling them in. This way you are creating a base for your matte lipstick to glide on. The color will look a lot richer and more intense and lip liner will also help your lipstick last longer.


Avoid rubbing your lips together when applying a matte lip color. Instead use a lip brush in order to spread the product all over your lips evenly and if you want to get more precision.


If you want your lip color to last even longer, after applying your lipstick blot your lips with a tissue and reapply the lipstick again. Blotting your lips with paper or tissue will help you avoid cakey and over dry-looking lips


In order to keep your lipstick application precise and perfect make sure to clean up the edges using the same concealer that you used prior to applying your lip color. You can use a small synthetic concealer brush or use a simple Q-tip to go around your lips, cleaning up all the imperfections and flaws.

What is your favorite matte lipstick? Let me know in the comments.

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